From small daycares to massive college campuses - students and staff require innovative solutions to the challenges levied by today's technology.


Ruckus Wireless

Schools and school districts face an increasing challenge to provide higher speed, more reliable Wi-Fi to students, teachers, and administration. Digital textbooks, common areas, and campus dorms present configuration challenges. Ruckus Wireless has the answers: Streamlined configuration and deployment with up to 4x the coverage and higher performance, using fewer APs.



Improve productivity with Mitel's easy to adopt, easy to deploy set of systems. Mitel helps institutions embrace a 21st century learning environment with optimized call handling and routing to ensure better staff and student interaction along with solutions that work with existing hardware and industrial standard servers to save budget funds.



Comcast is here to provide the ability to meet the growing high bandwidth demands of new applications while ensuring information security and content filtering. Comcast also provides easy and cost effective ways to grow as budgets permit. They are an experienced E-Rate partner, helping schools and libraries defray the costs of deploying communications and internet services.


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