Top-quality communication solutions enable faster decisions and increased presence resulting in better healthcare.



Mitel allows for integration with existing infrastructure that reduces network costs and improves communications without requiring a major investment. Features like outbound notification alerts transform patient interaction, reduce the expense of missed appointments, and provide valuable reporting to help manage service quality. Web-based administration allows for simpler and more agile organizations. Call routing and mobile working eliminate location constraints associated with legacy systems and time is saved to focus on outcomes and quality standards.


Ruckus Wireless

Hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities are becoming increasingly dependent on reliable Wi-Fi. Ruckus Wireless provides the best possible connections even in the most difficult conditions with adaptive antenna arrays that can consistently cover mobile users through thick walls, competing electrical devices, and hostile RF environments. Have us install a stronger, ever-present Wi-Fi with fewer access points, and never deal with lagging wireless again.



Increased info storage, retrieval of patient records, image data sharing, and mobile devices require massive amounts of bandwidth. Comcast can help meet that demand. They provide flexible network solutions and connectivity between data centers, hospitals, clinics, and doctor's offices to access centralized medical records, control costs, and provide premium quality care.


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