In today's service environment, patrons expect more than a full belly and drink specials. Everyone is constantly connected and expecting reliable internet access.


Ruckus Wireless

If you have a large space to cover or wish to cater to large laptop networking parties, Ruckus Wireless is the solution. They provide the most advanced wireless technology in the business. With indoor and outdoor access points, and ZoneFlex Controllers that allow for easy configuration and management - Ruckus can take you to the next level.



Mitel is known for reliable communication systems. Their products are extremely scalable to grow as you do and great for enhancing communication capabilities. If you do a large amount of take-out or see it in your future, Mitel will make that transition as smooth and efficient as possible.



Turn to Comcast for reliable, secure, and effective service. Save money and time by bundling your phone, internet, and TV services all in one bill. Comcast service can grow as you do, and help you achieve that growth.


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