Whether you’re brick-and-mortar, brick-and-click or online only - we can help find, design, and implement the best IT solutions for you.


Ruckus Wireless

Speed delivery of products and services with better Wi-Fi technology that increases efficiency and satisfies more customers. Activate and optimize your point of sale devices, digital advertising screens, smarter cash registers, interactive media kiosks, inventory scanners, and the ability to monitor and restrict activity. Retail Wi-Fi can't be simple consumer-grade, it must be purpose-built for retail.



Mitel customers enjoy a lower cost of ownership through their flexible approach to implementation. Solutions are built around a flexible infrastructure that allows for growth of the system at any given pace. Mitel solutions can address cost control, multi-channel retailing, shrinkage and inventory management, and the introduction of m-commerce in ways that fit multiple business models.



Retailers must meet their growing data bandwidth demands (increasingly automated transactions, data for inventory, pricing, billing, and supply chain management applications). Comcast can provide superior connectivity and high performance networking via their Enhanced Fiber Optic Network.


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