The warehouse environment is a challenging one when it comes to rigging efficient communications. We can make it work.


Ruckus Wireless

Getting wireless access into remote reaches of huge areas is Ruckus' specialty. They rig football stadiums. Too much interference from metal racks and moving vehicles? Not a problem. Ruckus supplies smarter indoor and outdoor access points that use BeamFlex technology to avoid interference and SmartMesh Networking to cover larger areas, with fewer APs - without paying for and pulling Ethernet cables.



Mitel allows for integration with existing infrastructure to reduce network costs and improve communications without requiring a major reinvestment. Features like outbound notification and web-based administration allow for smoother logistical planning. Call routing and mobile working eliminate location constraints associated with legacy systems creating new opportunities for efficiency.



Maintain facility production flow with scalable network solutions delivered by Comcast. Through Comcast, fast and reliable data services like Ethernet Private Line for site-to-site connectivity. An Ethernet Virtual Private Line for hub-and-spoke configurations, Ethernet Network Services for any-to-any configurations, and Ethernet Dedicated Internet for highly secure, dedicated connections. Flexible class of service options are available to diversified performance levels.


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